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Historical subjects. . .

Worlds and Locations

Iridia System:

Thinora System:

Sol System:

Felios System:

Amazon System:


* some places your character might be from


Some notable races and varieties include. . .

* currently have active players
+ NPC only or currently closed to new character applications

Planetary governments, nation-states, and other groups


Some technologies that are used include. . .

The general rule of thumb in Furscape is that if something exists somewhere in a laboratory today, in real life, then it's probably widely available in Furscape's setting. However, some technologies are highly restricted for political reasons. Many of our colony worlds are basically frontier settings where recoms are trying to carve a civilization out of the wilderness, and advanced technology is not always readily available.

We also have a brief list of Verboten Tech – things that either can't work or are heavily restricted in our setting.

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