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Title Having a Ball
Storyline Luna Charity Event
IC date 2210-07-10
Location Luna
Summary Medical personnel and the well-to-do congregate on Luna for a charity fundraiser ball
Characters Abby, Akira, Cheryl, Claude, Cleveland, Flame, Kalysa, Kari, Morris, Sam, Tash

Soft 'hover lights' with slow-changing colors provide ambience for this evening's event. Caterers hustle between the white-clothed buffet tables in the far left corner and guest tables. The dining area is to the left of the elevator lobby, with each table clothed in silver and bearing a fiber-optic center piece. The right side of the room is left open for dancing, while a silver carpet streaming directly from the elevators provides a place for mingling, photographing and what have you. Meanwhile the far-right corner of the terrace is roped off to accomodate a live band and sound equipment.

A huge event like this one, all of the social elite from Luna as well as many medical professionals mill about, mingling with one another. Lunar councillors, their spouses and children, heads of medical boards from several hospitals across the stars. The caterers are working very hard to make sure that this event is a smashing success in order to assure their continued business within this social circle. One such caterer, the contractor Akira Racer, wears an eyepatch over one eye and wears professional attire. The tabby cat is wearing the same sort of standard outfit that the other caterers wear: not too flashy, so not to draw attention to it, but nice enough that they don't look like 'street vermin'. At the moment, the feline is carrying a tray, politely offering hors d'oeuvres to the many guests.

There is a slight pause here as the tabby offers something to the wheelchair-bound Errol Olne, as the tabby awkwardly lowers the tray to offer one of the snacks to the ocelot recom, who looks none too amused. He seems to stare at his server for a few moments before taking what's offered to him and wheeling away. He exchanges a few words with his son, Tash Olne, hair tied back by a black ribbon and wearing a clean suit in the same style as his father, and there is a brief laugh between them, both of their eyes trailing over to one of the guests of honour after the secret joke is cracked, and one of the reasons why the tabby is even here tonight.

The ever flashy fennec, Claude Chevalier stands next to his rumoured boyfriend, the wolf Ricky Morris (who is actually invited due to being a contributor to the charity in question), regaling a few other medical professionals with tales of his own expriences at hospitals and encouraging them to check out his Knights system. It is an excellent organizational tool, he says, and wortwhile to check out.

Elsewhere, however, is where the fennec is exerting more influence. Some of his own hires, a couple come as musicians, a couple of planeted guests and even some of the catering contractors, have a clear mission to execute here.

And speaking of rumored boyfriends, the glitteroti from off-world have also arrived in droves. Just stepping off the elevator is fashion designer, Morrie Firth – easily recognizable for probably being the only dolphin recom here, as well as for being just as flamboyantly attired as Claude. A longtime supporter of (insert tax-break cause), his official business on Luna involves Fashion Week here. He arrives with his entourage – a tragic looking white mousette in black, and a male lizard, also in black. The three of them *stare* as photographers hustle near the reception area.

The elevator opens again and a couple consisting of two ginger fox recoms step around the 'colorful' dolphin. The male is rather portly in the middle, even with the flattering cut of the tuxedo. Once the dolphin is out of earshot, he quips to his wife: “I say Abby, these kids today have no sense about them, none at all.” His platinum-haired wife, by comparison has a softer hourglass shape. She's wearing a gold beaded cocktail gown and bolero. Her steel blue eyes (watching, judging) glance backwards at the dolphin, who has now pulled out a cellphone. She ssshs her husband. “Dear, I think I might have seen him – somewhere – oh, I think it was Cephalon, the last time we–.” Her words are cut off as her husband notices the ocelots. “Errol!” The portly fox drags his wife over to his collegue…

“Oh, hello Tam!” Kalysa Astrin can be heard speaking as she passes by a table. There's a moment's pause before another gray tabby, cleanly dressed in a black suit that looks like he just bought it, turns from his seat at the table and looks suprised to see the tigress! The Tam she was referring to is indeed her occaisional coworker at the Epiphyte Clinic. “Hey, Kal! I half expected you to show up in combat boots, color me impressed!” She gives him a silent 'really?' look before responding. “I'm equally impressed that you actually bought something dressier than cargo shorts. At least I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that it isn't rented.”

A gray labrador recom mingles with the others listening to the sales pitch on the Knights' system. He's getting along in the years, but his deep voice is no less clear and quick for his age. Having made several inquiries as to some specifics on the system, he says to a neighbor beside him quiet enough that it doesn't travel far above the din of the crowd, “It seems that Mr. Chevalier has an answer for everything. It's unfortunate that he didn't become a doctor, that quality would be highly valued in our field.”

To the sound of his voice, Errol re-orients his motorized chair towards his larger co-worker, “Ah, Blake.” He gestures off and says, “It's nice seeing you and your lovely wife, here. Cheryl is off-” There's a pause, as he looks around for his own wife, “Is off at the bar right now, I think. I'm sure we'll see her again. Has Kari decided to come or stay home today?” Tash tilts his head at this question but says nothing, instead looking off elsewhere.

The tabby recom approaches Kalysa and Tam with the tray, asking politely, with that clueless smile that many entrance level employees in the service field sometimes have, “Would you like anything to eat or any drinks?” The tilts a head towards the tray just slightly, to put the guests at ease that it is totally allowed for the eating.

“Ohhh, Morrie!” calls Claude, briefly excusing himself from his miniature speech and standing up to wave enthusiastically at the dolphin, “You. Look. Sooo /fabulous/!” he says when he's closer to the designer, clapping his hands together cheerily at the appearance of the designer.

The dolphin claps back! “Well /duh/!” He laughs. “I wouldn't come to your party looking anything less.” And with that, he offers a hand to Claude…while the other hand smoothes Claude's lapel. “Wow, that's a great cut for you.”

A white vixen appears behind the labrabor, holding a glass of white wine in her hand. She doesn't speak, yet regards the current conversation thoughtfully.

A golden-blonde-haired model of vixenly qualities enters the event's space, fashionably late as is the norm for her guest attendance at large gatherings. She pauses at the door, adjusting the camber of the lapel on her trenchcoat dress, which matches her hair. The first thing she spots is Morrie Firth and his cronies, due to their unavoidable accessories. She smiles a little. Even if she doesn't agree with everything, she has to appreciate the artistry involved. Her smile fades instantly when she turns her head and notices her parents. Oh no. She freezes like a deer in the headlights, trying to reason whether she should quietly step out to avoid the inevitable detachment of her ears from her corporeal self, or if she may have already been seen…

Kalysa looks down at the tray, having a comfortable view of it while standing even before it is offered. “Oh, I didn't know they had these here… thank you.” She reaches out to pick up the catering standard chicken-on-a-stick. She doesn't even look Sam in the eye, turning back to Tam to watch him make the same selection. He lifts it off the platter and gives a nod of thanks quietly. As the tigress nibbles at the chicken while still standing in her evening gown, the suited tabby becomes unable to control his smirk. Eventually, she looks down at him. “What?” He silently pulls out a chair for her to sit. Once she does, he says, “Now this here is called a napkin, you should put that in your lap next…” The tigress immediately glares at him. “I'm not that barbaric!” She settles her chair properly and fixes her napkin, rearranging the silverware to match a proper table setting. Her mood lightens, and she says almost plaintively, “I was just hungry.”

Had she looked also in the other direction, Kari might've fainted. But as it turns out, a certain blue fox, decked-out in his tux, swallows his last bit of scotch on the rock before setting the empty glass on a service droid's tray. In a few footsteps he makes his approach… “Wearing anything underneath that coat?” A playful, yet devilish grin unfolds across his muzzel. ^.^


Brightly, Claude takes Morrie's hand in a weak but very enthusiastic handshake, “Ohh, thank you, Morrie. I designed it myself, but it doesn't match how it would have looked if I had your genius behind me. Pity your schedule was so full,” pouts the fennec before brightening up again, eyes bright as he talks about fashion. He glances back to his previous crowd and says, “Ah, I should probably get back to answering questions for now. But I will talk to you later tonight, Morrie. I /have/ to tell you how much I love the newview line you're putting out. Beautiful!”

A member of the band, a young, talented canine violinist, excuses himself to go seek relief. He wanders off towards the exit of the sky gardens and towards the facilities, heading into the elevator. His intent is more sinister, though the need to use the washroom is still genuine.

( One of the ocelots' eyes are drawn towards Kari as she enters the room. Tash Olne adjusts his glasses slightly and offers a small wave to the model as she walks in. Not that he expects her to notice him, really, though her eyes seem fixed in their area. He glances towards Kari's parents for a few moments and then back towards her as the blue fox seems to appear out of nowhere to talk to her, shrugging his shoulders lightly. )

Akira nods and moves elsewhere, handing the tray to another one of the many caterers in the area, likely to take a little bit of a break as well. The tabby notes the violinist's direction and glances around the room. There is still a little bit of time, but the tabby rushes off to cut the musician off from using the washroom, “Hey, buddy, you got the time?” This is said in a perfect Newport accent, though certainly not an accent common to the higher classes.

The dolphin beams. “Claude, that does it – you have my absolute attention next time you're on Oceania and your custom style is my command.” Morrie winks. “Have a good night…”

The gray labrador converses back and forth with his neighbor. “What do you mean?” “Oh, yes, I had a patient much like that last week, five files with four different facilities. I'm sure the Knights system would help, but you know how the IT staff is at your workplace, and ours is completely nonexistant!” He twitches his whiskers as he contemplates this dilemma. “Maybe I can get another contractor if our accountant can produce the funds.”

Kari is snapped out of her trance, her mouth coming open as she blinks rapidly trying to get her bearings before she looks indignant. And then, forgetting about the potential consequences of such actions being viewed from a different angle, she silently unbuttons the front of her coat in one smooth motion and pulls it open so that the extra layers are visible from the front. She's wearing a deep V-neck golden-flecked dress underneath the coat with a silver sash… but it's a little too short and a little too thin to be warm enough by itself in the climate. Still, it's perfectly acceptable were she to wear it by itself for decency. She tilts her head and raises an eyebrow inquisitively to see the reaction.

The fennec smiles at Morrie and offers a little wave before rushing back to the group he was before, hearing bits and pieces of the conversation with those ridiculously large ears of his, “Ohh, do not worry too much about the IT problems. To set up the system, we can send a Knights contractor to your hospital to get everything set up, and an easy-to-read manual. You'll also have access to our 24-hour helpline, where you'll have instant access to experts on the system.” Indeed, he does seem to miraculously possess every answer that there possibly could be. But that's not where his original conversation was lying, only an aside for the businessman. He stands next to Ricky Morris again and starts discussing the research applications for the system.

“Uhhh, I don't have a watch?” says the violinist, looking down to his wrist for a few moments just to confirm that it's true.

“Nevermind,” says Akira, shrugging easily, “I'm just not supposed to go over a certain amount've time of bathroom breaks. You know how these things are.” The tabby shrugs easily and waits with the canine for the elevator, which arrives with a ding.

Indeed, Tash seems disappointed for a moment as he is ignored, but shrugs and says to his father, “I'm gonna go check an' see if mom is comin' with our drinks, 'kay?” To which the older ocelot only mumbles, “Annunciate, boy, annunciate!”

The tabby and tigress spend some time talking about each others' patients and Tam's progress in the field, avoiding further catty comments. “I had a full week all to myself at the clinic last week!” The tabby announces proudly. “Really?” The tigress replies, “How'd you talk Dr. Gray into letting you take his weeklies?”

“Stunning…” Flame looks over the vixen with an appraising nod. “Lets get you a drink, hmm?” He motions towards the bar which is a few steps down the silver carpet and conveniently a safe distance away from where Kari's parents might notice her.

Cleveland Blake shakes hands with Errol. “Good to see you – and I'm not sure where our Karilyn may be. She said she might come to Luna, didn't she dear?” Abby nodnods. “I think she had a meeting with a designer. Something about a trunk show.” Abby's voice trails off as she smiles at Tash. “So, Doctor, how are you doing these days? Seeing any…special patients?” *giggle* Such a sinister way to pry into Tash's personal life…

The white vixen moves closer to listen to Ricky Morris better.

Tam turns just soon enough to see Kari buttoning her coat back up, and he quickly stifles a snicker. “She just flashed him!” He says under his breath to Kalysa, who turns to look as bidden by her occaisional companion. She looks puzzled for a moment. “No, she had something under the coat, I saw some gold fabric. Sorry to ruin it for your imagination.” Turning away, she makes no further effort to look back at Flame despite her curiousness at this new development. “On that note, I hope you're taking your work seriously when someone like that comes in for a checkup, considering your reaction to that.” She half-scolds the tabby.

Kari doesn't even look back at her parents. Given two awkward situations, she picks what she hopes to be the lesser of two evils as she re-buttons her front. “A drink sounds like a fine idea, it's for a good cause…” She steps in time with Flame, just beside him. “And perhaps after I've had a few I'll remember why I came here.”

The younger ocelot adjusts his glasses quickly and says, “You know me, uh, always playing the field.” Which is to say, he still doesn't have much time for romance, or he's just too frightened of that particular type of social scene that he doesn't want to make time. He laughs nervously and gestures off, noting, “I'm, um, going to go say hi to mom, excuse me for a second.”

Errol laughs slightly as Tash wanders off, noting to Cleveland, “Every time I see you, it seems you've grown more. Why, I remember a time where you looked nice and trim. I guess the bacon is just too good for our own goods, eh?” It's good natured teasing, of course, not really uncommon between the two men who have been colleagues for more than twenty-five years. Though even though he's in a wheelchair, the ocelot is just as fit as he ever was.

Akira pulls out a cellphone once the violinist and the catering contractor enters the elevator, the doors closing behind both of them as it heads down the elevator shaft, “Almost forgot I could've checked this, heh, feel stupid,” comments the one-eyed tabby.

Cleveland laughs. “I blame Abby's cooking – or lacktherof, as you know.” He pats his stomach. “Those steak sandwiches at the brewery are too good for my doctor to protest, I say.”

“Or you'll finish undressing.” Flame says smoothly, without missing a beat. He places his nearest on the small of Kari's back as they make their way through the crowd.

Kari inhales slowly, then exhales sharply following the comment, allowing herself to be led along. “To what cause are you donating, exactly?” She gives a polite wave to another model she recognizes passing by who is dressed with slightly less coverage than the vixen. It forces her to keep a congenial demeanor.

Tam protests his innocence at work, assuring Kalysa that he cares only for the patient's well-being. She seems satisfied, telling him that she was only pulling his leg and excuses herself from the table, having downed a glass of wine along with one more appetizer. She greets the labrador as she passes by his group on her way out the door, also headed to the restroom and in a way unintentionally following Sam. “Glad to see you around, Dr. Gray! I'll be back in a minute, I've been meaning to ask you about arranging for new emergency services in Epiphyte.” The lab gives the tigress a court nod. “Of course! I've given it some thought. I'll be right here when you're back.”

Flame smiles. “I believe word you want is 'donated'. My firm is one of the sponsors of Canis General's new pediatrics ward, and we've had an annual fund for sometime going to 'Doctors without Planets.'(a noted disaster relief org) He shrugs. “Although I'm more or less here though to admire… the floor. You see the subtle bits of sparkle? We were commissioned for that. Exciting, isn't it?” He snickers dryly.

Kari looks down. “Oh yes, it's pretty. Were it any more reflective I'd think you had alterior motives in the design.” She looks back up to meet Flame's gaze evenly before looking forward again to walk.

Cheryl Olne, a collie recom, is openly flirting with the bartender, just because she still can even at her age. It requires a lot of work to keep a look that good. Surgical work. Tash glances towards his mother, eyeing the interaction between her and the bartender, “Oookay, we're gonna getcha back to dad.” She laughs more loudly than is socially appropriate and says, “Oh, Tashaaa. Why do you always ruin everything?” She doesn't object though, only offering a wave to the bartender, who is a bit visibly creeped out since he was being hit on by a woman who is almost sixty. Her species-type may as well be cougar.

( Claude laughs pleasantly and finishes a story to some of the nearby patrons, ”… And that's how I met Ricky! Isn't that so funny? Haha!“ He looks around, surveying for a moment to make sure that everything is proceeding properly. Who knew that gathering intelligence could also be such a blast? )

Errol shrugs at Cleveland and says, “Well, if you'd ever like to be entertained, I can cook something up myself. You know how much I love the company. It feels so empty without the kids there.” He glances towards the elevator for a moment, eyes narrowed, fingers idly fiddling with the controls of his chair before he looks back to the others that he's talking to.

The tabby recom in the elevator plays with the phone for a few moments, discretely taking a picture of the violinist before it heads down to the next floor. The feline puts the phone before the doors close. By the time Kalysa arrives at the elevator, there is one ready to descend.

Kalysa readjusts her purse on her shoulder as she waits for the elevator in the hallway, her legs pressed together while she shifts her weight back and forth idly. She unzips her purse and rummages in it for a moment, seemingly satisfied before she zips it back up and returns to her patient dance just before the elevator arrives. She steps in quickly and selects the proper floor for the restrooms, tapping the door close button a few times to get it moving!

“I might take you up on that, Olne, but I must say, I like our empty nest.” He reaches around Abby's tiny waist to give her rear a gently swat. Abby yips in surprise and swats her husband, who continues: “Even though I spend most of our alone time napping, isn't that right, dear?” Abby's nose twitches. . .then she spies: “Oh, Cheryl! You look wonderful.”

Cheryl laughs again and says, “Of course I do. The day I don't look wonderful is the day I pass on, heaven forbid. You're looking pretty gorgeous yourself, Abigail.” She is practically leaning off of Tash after he guides her back to his other parental unit. Errol and Cheryl seem to exchange glances before looking back towards present company, and Errol adds, “I love having Tash over for visits.” He pats his son on the forearm, unable to reach the shoulder from his sitting place, “Wonderful boy.”

Both the tabby and the canine violinist head into the men's washroom. Sam, even in this disguise, is not about to use a public washroom for its intended purposes, but being present inside is important. The violinist is the first out, before Kalysa's elevator descends, looking around furtively. This is, after all, a government building.

Abby smiles at Cheryl's remarks, while Cleveland scritches his chin and nods at Errol: “Any girl to wind up with Tash would be a very lucky young lady.” He contemplates this, seemingly in light of his one still-single daughter.

A service droid with a packed tray of drinks wheels up to Claude and Rick and their surrounding audience. . .

Kalysa moves quickly from the elevator to the… wait, no, this isn't right! The tigress' motion screeches to a halt when she realizes the door beyond the canine recom she just passed is the men's room. She glances about before turning to ask in her more refined Newport accent, “Do you know where the ladies' room is?” She shifts back and forth in her unrehearsed, yet inherently known dance.

The insides of Tash's ears redden a bit from embarrassment at Cleveland's comment. Oh, yes, he could certainly do with less awkward conversation than this. But there's nobody here that he really knows. The doctor glances around, even as his father notes, “He's the head of neurology at his hospital, you know. At such a young age. I'm very proud.”

The canine recom blinks at Kalysa and says, as 'Akira' emerges from the men's room moments later, “Umm, I believe it's down the hall to the, ummm, to the left?” He wasn't really paying that much attention to the location of the ladies' room. It, to him, is pretty irrelevant information.

( Claude smiles at the service droid and says, “Ohh, thank you little robot machine, I appreciate these refreshments.” He speaks only as a joke, though on Mars some of the service bots are intelligent enough to respond to the strange praise. He and Ricky both take something. )

Flame reaches inside his jacket pocket, flipping open his phone with a free hand. “And speaking of the office.” He appears to be answering a text message as he guides Kari around and past Claude's entourage.

Suddenly the service droid's metal arm goes crazy, causing it to effectively spin out of control. The drinks sail off the tray, all the while Claude, Ricky and company are right in proximity. DISASTER!

Tam can be heard making conversation with another comrade at the table, but it stops abruptly as he stares at the series of events unfolding!

Kari jumps at the sudden flying drinks, making a few extra quick steps to keep her distance. She looks very unsure and potentially suspicious of what just happened!

Flame also jumps back, his body making an effort to shield Kari from the flying glasses.

Kalysa looks down the hall where indicated, and then nods courtly. “Thanks!” She makes haste in that direction, completely ignoring 'Akira' as she passes by. After rounding the corner, she takes her PDA-phone out of her purse to keep watch in case anything comes up while she answers a call that cannot be ignored.

The fennec stumbles back at this development, beverage pouring all over his elaborate outfit, sputtering angrily at the robot machine: “You, you, you terrible piece of scrap metal!” Ricky protectively pushes the fennec back a little way, eyeing the machine carefully. One of Claude's familiar security personnel makes an appearance now: the always stoic Conrad quickly approaches the machine with a very serious expression, grabbing the service droid to try and stop its motion. Everyone seems to be quite appaulled at this terrible development.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Akira passes by the canine, patting him lightly on the back and noting, “Hey, boy, forgot to wash your hands, didn'tcha? You better go back and get that taken care of. Don't want piss particles getting passed 'round.” The canine nods his head and says, “Uhh, sure. Ooops. I always remember.” A weak smile, and he heads back into the washroom. Akira uses this opportunity to disappear, silently trailing after Kalysa.

The droid is wrestled submissively to the ground by security detail. It lays there pathetically in the middle of the mess, its white catering apron rumpled and wet.

Kalysa is quick and efficient as always when taking care of business. She washes up at in the ladies' room before turning to make her exit back into the hallway, checking her PDA one more time.

Abigail Blake *stares* in the direction of all the chaos: “My goodness…”

Kari watches the display with a continued mix of horror, shock, and general uncomfortableness; all of these emotions stay plastered on her face momentarily when she notices her mother looking in her direction.

Still with his phone open, Flame somehow multi-tasks and texts away. . . «<encrypted text send to Akira's phone»> Offer the rat a new coat to replace his stained one. Garment bag. Broom closet.

Flame snaps his phone shut and looks at Kari. “You didn't get hit with anything, did you?”

Sam sends the tracking informaion to Kalysa, allowing for her to keep track of the violinist's position in order to let the 'tabby' know where that particular agent of Claude's, and whether he enters a certain area of the floor, as well as instructions to go to another floor and place the tracker on an avian caterer who will be there. The feline steps out of hiding, seemingly from nowhere, to offer a small tracker to Kalysa, eyes downcast intentionally so not to make eye contact with her. The feline is a little bit shocked at Kalysa's role in all of these shenanigans, but a true professional presses on! Receiving the text, Sam heads back up the elevator.

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