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Jericho Otaria

 Draw me a pic, please? (Placeholder by Ferdi)

Basic info

Short Description Mismatched gold and cobalt blue eyes, a few scars
Homeworld Luna
Birthdate May 31, 2186
Apparent age Mid twenties
Gender Male
Species Recom, otter
Height 5ft 11in (180cm)
Weight 157lbs (82kg)

Background and personality

Born on Luna, this otter has been between all stations and planets as he was born into a well known trader family. Early in life he was fascinated with the piratical and mercenary life to the chagrin of his parents, though when he finally stepped free of the family to support himself on his own he was still supported, if by afar by his family.

However, a few years after his leave from his family their ship was taken over and ransacked by a band of pirates, forcing Jericho to take a new perspective on his own life and set a new goal, which was to get his revenge on the crew that had taken his parents from him. Going from job to job he scraped together what information he could, though as time passed on less and less information was forthcoming.

Though as he's gone from ship to ship, learning and augmenting skills that keeps him useful through thick and thin, he's never forgotten where he comes from and always seeks information whether for his own crew or himself, as such his loyalties are always to his crew and past friendships.

Personality Rough around the edges, still trying to find his place in life, Jericho is about your average young adult despite having more experience with the darker sides of life then most. He likes to crack jokes and relax, though if idle for too long he starts to get antsy depending on the situation. All in all though, someone you can rely on in a pinch.
Reputation Doesn't garner himself much of the limelight, keeping him from having too much of a reputation. Though what he tends to do keeps his crews alive as he does whatever he can for them in tight situations, and with the contact network from his parents, he's certainly got a lot of connections to get what he wants.
Affiliation His crew with the Lopangan Navy
Hobbies Sketches, fiddles with electronics in free time, people watches.
Skills He's good with his hands. Good engineer, electrician, programmer, and trained himself to pilot in his spare time. Good at getting information as well.
Occupation Navy mechanic, university student
Residence With his crew in Epiphyte

Recent events

Jericho has been up to stuff like… FIXME

Fun facts

Bet you didn't know… FIXME

Player preferences

Online times I am in the * time zone.

Any plot thats fun, doesn't feel like it's on guiderails, and where characters are valued

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