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Furscape MUCK

Bringing to life hard science fiction stories of the slightly fuzzy sort since 1999!

Furscape MUCK

What the heck is a roleplay MUCK? A simulated reality! Try this Wikipedia article on online text-based role-playing games.

Scheduled Downtime

Our next shutdown for server updates will be on the night of 8 May 2018, 10 PM US CDT. – Zobeid

How to Connect

Sign in today and take a look! Just connect, type connect guest guest, then type guest Hi everybody!

  • Connect right here and now on any device with Banana MU* Client!
  • Already have MU client? Point it to this address: host port 2001
  • Looking for a MU client, or connecting from your phone? Here are some other options for connecting to Furscape.

What's on this Furscape Wiki?


We also have forums! Check it:

Anybody who has a character on the MUCK can register on the forums. You will be able to make suggestions (or complaints), post characters bios, organize RPs, ask for help with problems, etc.


Staffers should register with the wiki and are encouraged to help build it! Other players can also contribute. If you are not a staffer and want to add something, there are two ways. . . You can post in the forums, which are open to everyone and ask a staffer to copy the information into the wiki. If you want to do more extensive editing, you can register yourself on the Wiki and send Zobeid a message ( asking for access and giving some idea of what you want to do.

You can also help fine new folks find Furscape by regularly voting on TMC. If you're interested in the monetary sort of contribution to the cause of reaching new players, we won't turn that down either.

  • Tsye's player has written the eighteen-part serial Mercury about the early days of recom experimentation.
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