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Roleplay Logs

Yep, we're working on rebuilding the collection. More to come soon!

Players: By reading any of these logs, you agree to respect the distinction between IC and OOC.


To free drinks (2210-01-03)

No way I'd -let- anyone win (2210-08-05)

Teacup Tommyguns (2011-08-11)


Luna Charity Event

Having a Ball (2210-07-10)

Tangled Epiphyte

Tangled Epiphyte RP info (Helpful info for roleplaying your own scenes in Epiphyte)

You are in Violation of Code 3 (2211-09-08)

Looking for Honest Politicians (2211-09-09)

You Are Not Cleared for Takeoff (2211-09-14)

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