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Title Would you happen to know a good taxidermist?
Storyline Worms!
IC date 2209-12-23?
Location in and around Epiphyte City, Annyrion
Summary The hunters have another try at the worm
Characters Jericho, Kalysa, Orion, Sam, Uriko


Orion strolls into the hotel cantina still dressed in field ops gear. There's some sand in between the composite armor plates here and there, and a myriad of survival and surveillance tools are attached to his belt. He pauses just inside the doors to cast his eyes about the establishment.

Jericho is settled at one of the benches looking his usual just cleaned but filthy look, at the moment he just seems to be wearily drinking from something stiff in a shot glass.

Orion walks up to the bartender and places an order before wandering over to the table Jericho is at. He comes up behind him and rests his elbow on the back of the booth bench, pulling a large bestial tooth out of his pocket and placing it in front of the otter on the table.

Orion mrrs, “Would you happen to know a good taxidermist?”

Jericho had luckily just finished his shot before the tooth is put in front of him, causing the otter to jump just slightly before his ears tilt at the familiar voice. After a moment he picks up the tooth then squints his right eye before commentin, “'ave fun I take it then?”

Orion chuckles dryly. “Fun? Look what it did to my NV scope!” He unclips the device from his belt - a small object not unlike binoculars, but with a single wide lens in the front and a viewscreen behind a lens in the back. This scope has seen better days, and was likely very expensive. The rear viewscreen is fractured, the lens completely missing and the casing has been gnawed on extensively by something with a fairly large mouth. Something strong enough to crush the rugged polymers used in the casing.

Jericho hmms and plucks the scope from hand in an interested fashion as he perks up his brows then gives a whistle, “Well shitty enough that yer gonna 'afta get a new casing atleast fer this thin. But wha' in gods name were you doin' playin with somethin' large enough to make you dinner?”

Orion folds his arms and leans against the booth, keeping his voice low. “Some local boy took his older brother's dune buggy out for a joyride, ended up on the missing persons list. The Ghueri asked if I'd keep an eye out on airspace patrol, so I flew low. I found him alright.”

Orion continues on, “What was left of him, anyway. The dune buggy was in shambles too. All four tires blown out, and I was looking at the marks etched into the cage when I felt something at my back.”

Orion mrrs, “Best way I can think of to describe it is a sand worm. It must have had a go at my backside and missed, grabbing the scope instead. After it crushed the optics and I figured it could do some real damage, I shot it.”

Jericho purses his lips after a long moment then gives a nod as he offers the scope back, “Fun, shoulda gave me a ring but I reckon you didn' think y'were gonna run in any trouble naw ah?” he chuckles then rubs his brow, “Question is of course, what now t'do.”

Orion glances about the room once more before he replies. “I'd say someone ought to notify the general public to be aware of the danger in case there are more. Even with the picture I got of the corpse though, I wonder if it might get pushed aside as a hoax.”

Orion mrrs, “The ghueri responded after I sent word of the location, but said all they found was the dune buggy.”

Sam walks in from outside, sporting an androgynous-chic kind of look, with a pair of pin-striped pants, a similarily patterned suit jacket and hair tied back in a ponytail. The cat walks up to the bar and places an order, before surveying the rest of the cantina. Sam's eyes eventually rest on Orion and Jericho, and soon the rest of the feline follows in that direction, too. “Ho, friends,” says Sam.

Jericho taps a finger against his lips as he thinks about it, though he lifts a paw in greeting towards Sam with a smile, “Allo.” though he looks back towards Orion with a more serious expression, “Spread the word if y'can, even if its dismissed as a 'oax. Rather folks know abou' it dismissively then naw at all.”

Orion nods slowly, then crosses one leg over the other as he leans more against the booth turning to Sam. He tilts his head. “What did you just call me?”

Sam raises a brow at Jericho and says, “A hoax? There's a hoax and nobody's told me about it?” The feline then blinks, raises a brow and looks towards Orion and says, “'Friends' was the term I used, I believe? Would you prefer I address you more formally?”

Jericho just snerks at Orion's comment and looks to Sam with a shrug, “Nevermind'em. As fer a hoax…” he looks to Orion as he tips up his brows, “Y'can explain agian if y'want.”

Orion rolls his eyes at Jericho. “Yes, nevermind me.” He turns back to Sam. “This is your hoax.” He makes a motion towards the tooth, the scope in Jericho's posession and then lifts his arm to display a picture of the 'sand worm' on the screen on his PDA. “It tried to eat me, I swear!” He's still keeping his voice quiet enough not to alert the whole bar, but isn't doing a very good job of making out his story at this point to be anything but a hoax. He starts looking a little more serious now as he changes the picture displayed to the damage on the dune buggy, and the only personable shot he has of its victim. “Apparently it likes carbonized steel with a side of fennec.”

Sam raises a brow at all of the items being gestured at and then suggests idly, “Well, if it's a hoax, it's a convincing one. You should run with it.”

Jericho peers at the images before grimacing abit and just nods, “Ehh yea, unless we needa manufacture actual proof an' go fin' one of the bastards ourselves to take 'ome.”

Orion glances back to Jericho. “Hmm, you might have something there. Trading in the daily grind for a hunting trip might be just what the doctor ordered. The thing did manage to bite me once, nothing major but I had it checked out at the clinic. Kal said she would have liked to have seen the thing.” He grins mischieviously. “What say you we bring her a present?”

Sam raises a brow at the other two and comments, “Must've been something of a hoot, tangling with the thing. I hope you enjoy your little hunting trip.”

Jericho purses his lips in thought as his eyes look up towards the ceiling, “I say, lemme get my gear an' let's get the 'ell outta the house an' sittin on our asses.” he cracks a wide grin before he looks back to Sam with a nod, “Ah, can come alon' if you wan' per'aps. But prolly ain't too safe.”

Orion snerks. “When's the last time something completely safe was entertaining? I'll go get my rifle.” He picks up the NV scope and leaves the tooth, presumably for Jericho. He takes a step, then looks over his shoulder to Sam for the response to Jericho's offer.

Jericho stands as he takes the tooth in hand and simply starts to mosey after Orion as he seems to be putting together a mental catalogue of items he's going to need to get and where to find them.

Sam looks up and smiles at Jericho, “Well, I'm sure you underestimate how much safety I need.” The feline grins and says, getting up from the seat, “I'm sure you'll want a steady hand among you, so I'll tag along.”

Orion stops by the bar to pick up his sandwich and pay on his way out. As he moves through the cantina doors her remarks, “Be sure to grab that old riot shield out of the garage. Their jaws hurt like a bitch.”

Jericho hmmms? as he looks over to Orion with a perk of his brow, “Aigh', shoul' I bring some 'eavy fire power as well or jus' pack my usual?” he inquires as he follows along, though he does pause to hold the door open for Sam probably tagging along behind them both now.

Orion replies, “Good question. I have no rightful idea what I hit that put it down. Perhaps the 12 gauge would come in handy.” He glances over his shoulder again.

Jericho mmhmms, “Any automatics? MG or otherwise?” he offers as he looks over, “An' if we could make a run to the airstrip briefly I'd be obliged.”

Sam is indeed following after the two, slipping through the door that Jericho holds open. “If I went back to my ship for a few moments, I'd be able to pick up a few useful items myself.”

Orion frowns in a perplexed sort of way first at Jericho, then shrugs after Sam speaks. “Alright. I'll get the shotgun and the shield at the house and meet you two at the airstrip?”

Jericho raps a knuckle against Orion's body armor before he lifts a brow, “'ey now, don't want us bein' easy dinner now do ya?” he chuckles then offers, “Bu' that works, was plannin' on helpin' you with the firs' collectin' before goin' to the airstrip though.”

Orion starts walking again, this time following Jericho. “Alright, you know what you want to go hunting with, I'll just tag along.”

Sam nods at Orion and says, “Sounds like a plan to me. I'll meet you two when I've got all my stuff, and maybe get changed into something a wee bit more practical for this.” The feline starts off in the general direction of the ship landing area.

Jericho nods towards Sam before looking back to Orion with a furrow of his brows, “Was this thing fast, or didja put a hole in it too fast to tell?” he inquires as he sort of speed walks along to get matters sped along.

Orion follows along towards whatever mode of transportation the otter chooses. “Beats me, I didn't even hear the thing until it had the night scope. It only had to jump a little to grab my arm afterwards. Has a reach of about the length of its body I'd say.”

Jericho nods in thought though he flags down a friend in a passing truck to give the two a quick ride back to the estate before he comments any further, “So tread carefully then?” he offers as he looks over and heads into the house to begin rummaging for gear thats been increasingly buried through disuse.

Orion hurries to grab his long rifle among other things, calling out from down a hallway, “You can carry the shield if you're worried.”

Jericho hmmms and nods as he pads out of his room with different and varied bits of acquired gear from over the years, a heavy looking semi-auto pistol as well as a .44 magnum revolver on the other side of his belt . Though he cant quite leave home without his falchion as he offers, “I'll grab it, y'got the shotgun?” he calls as he heads off to find said shield.

A couple metallic clicks can be heard through the open garage door, preceeding the appearance of the fox. He offers the shotgun. “It's already loaded, careful.”

His rifle is slung over his shoulder, and he's got his eyepiece and communicator strapped onto his headband.

Jericho gives Orion a look of disappointment as he stands there waiting with the riot shield, “Naw 'rion, y'think if I wasn' careful that I'd 'ave all my fingers and toes still?” he offers then cracks a grin as he takes the shotgun, though the otter has a point, since he works with ship parts on a regular basis, though he doesnt have any clothing or gear changes otu of the norm other then having obtained his personal weapons.

Orion hmphs. “You could just be lucky. I told you I put in a good word with the lady for you.” He pops the garage door and closes the inside door, making his way to the 7th Wave's Hummer parked outside.

Jericho tips his brows up, “Naw true, but luck only carries y'so far. Granted it takes you quite awhile, but sometimes y'jus gotta manage with skill.” he smirks before following along, and loads the back seat with the riot shield for now even if he keeps the shotgun up front, to literally ride shotgun.

Orion gets everything settled then drops by the garage for one last thing before getting the show on the road, so to speak. It's a tarp! “Don't think Pan would like us messing up the interior.” He remarks, the tarp spread out in the back.

Jericho sucks his cheek at the thought of that particular notion, “She'd probably be more frightening then that worm if we riled 'er up that much with guts all over the place. Good thinkin'.” he comments then laughs and indicates the road, “Let's vamenos.”

Landing Strip

Sam is waiting at the landing strip, as previously discussed, now bearing a little bit more resemblance to a bounty hunter than anything. The feline wears some light body armor, a pair of protective lenses and, as well as the small pistol that the cat usually carries (presumably for self-defense purposes; really not a suitable weapon for hunting), a couple more weapons: a shotgun and a holstered modified taser. Sam just kind of stands around, waiting around for the others to arrive, clearly a bit warm from the desert heat, and chewing on some hard candy. The snow leopard's hair is still tied back.

Uriko wears… her normal clothes! She's not decked out for combat at all - no, she came to see Jericho at the airstrip hopefully, when people at the cantina told her that he was headed off in this direction. Her familiar red jeep speeds recklessly into view (as always; she drives like that even when not in a hurry) and slides to a halt somewhere vaguely near the parking area; the tiger stands up, resting her arms on the top of the windshield, while she peers around.

The Hummer pulls onto the landing strip in a slightly more controlled fashion, parking near Sam. The fox driving it pokes his head out and calls to the feline, “Did you remember the kitchen sink?”

Jericho hops out of the shotgun seat but leaves the shotgun there as he just chuckles abit at the commentary behind him as he jogs off for one of the Navy's hangars in particular in a loose fashion. Though he probably notes Uriko's jeep and lifts a paw in greeting with a smile before he disappears inside the hangar.

Sam grins at the fox and calls back, “Of course. What if I feel the need to wash my hands?” The feline takes a glance around and starts walking towards the hummer, noting when it's closer, “I figure I don't know where to shoot a worm. If I fill it with electricity, it'll give me time to figure that out. Besides, I'm a better shot with something light… and I just hate sand in my eyes. It's dreadful.”

Uriko hops out of the jeep and jogs over to the hangar Jericho just entered, “Hey! Where ya goin?” she calls after him, hanging around the door and peering inside. She jingles the car keys, twirling them around her finger idly.

Orion replies to Sam after a moment's pause, “There are things worse than sand.” He touches a control inside the vehicle and one of the back doors pops open.

Jericho had gone to one of the side rooms inside the hangar, though upon hearing Urikos voice his head pops back out the doorway, “Gettin' ready to do some huntin'.” is all he offers for now, though after a moment he steps back out in a bulky looking suit that is typically worn by engineers, though this one seems customized in a cut down sort of way, though the armor plates to keep portions of his body from getting crushed under something heavy remain where needed as he jogs back towards the entrance of the hangar with a winning smile, “Can come if y'er feelin' dangerous.”

Sam chuckles at what Orion says, and notes, getting into the vehicle, “Bad eggs, bee stings and dirty cups for drinking. I just figure that wearing the glasses is better than not. And the armor, well, it might be a bit much, but…” The cat's eyes narrow a bit in Jericho's direction, trying to make out what he's wearing at a distance, “At least it's more fashionable than that.”

Orion gawks at Jericho for a moment. His left eye squints to aid his focus at distance, but his right (the green one) remains open. “Agreed. Someone needs to take that man shopping.”

“Haa?” Uriko raises her brow, “That sounds like it could be fun. Whatcha need the suit of armor for anyway though? You guys look more like you're decked out for war than if you were going hunting…” she trails off a little, “But sure, I'll go!” she replies cheerfully. “My dad hunts big game a lot!”

Jericho smirks, “Well doesn' hurt to be prepared.” though when he pads up towards the hummer and leans in to glimpse both Orion and Sam's disapproving glances his brows perk up, “Naw naw kids, not everyone's got the buck or the experience to sling yer fancy suits aroun'. Gotta make due an sides, this one has gotten me through some scraps y'all wouldn' made it through.” he pokes out his tongue and then climbs gingerly back into his seat with a laugh and looks over towards the two again, “Y'all mind another along, think she's a prospect fer the navy if I 'eard 'er right awhil' back, right?” he looks back to Uriko

Sam nods at Orion and says, before Jericho arrives, “Wiser words have never been spoken.” The feline leands back and glances around a bit, putting all the weapons in order, and then smiles at Jericho, responding to the comment about the armour, “I'm sure it has, dear.” The cat then looks at Uriko for a few moments, blinks a few times, and says, “The more the merrier, they say.”

Orion looks to each of the other three in turn. “Looks like we've got a full hunting party.” He reaches over his seat to get his rifle out of the back and lay it lengthwise between the seats to make room for Uriko as well.

Uriko glances down at the ground before clamoring up into the humvee next to Jericho, “Um, yeah, I guess, I mean. You know. If that's okay.” She peers around in the vehicle, “I didn't exactly happen to have a weapon with me. Though,” she hrms. “Don't typically carry them…'

Orion pulls the camera he uses for documentation out of a belt pouch and offers it over the shoulder of his seat. “Doesn't mean you can't still shoot something.”

Jericho hmmms and just gives a nod as he settles into his seat more comfortable, “We can provide fer yer protection, a loaner, but probably safer jus' to 'old that camera.”

Sam nods at Uriko's words and says, in a bit of a jocular tone, “Well, if ever the opportunity comes up to use live bait, I'm sure your abilities will come in handy.” The feline adds, “Camera duty in the meantime, though, should do nicely. If you take any shots of me, make sure they're flattering.”

Orion glances at Sam in disbelief for a moment, then laughs quietly.

Uriko folds her arms across her chest after setting the camera on her lap. “Aw, you guys are no fun.” She glares up at Sam, sticking her tongue out at him in disgust for a moment. “What do you guys think I am, a total wuss or something?” she mumbles.

Orion shifts the vehicle into gear and starts moving after entering specific coordinates into the navigation system. “I don't think anyone called you chicken, but if you're untrained I'm not sure we're ready to hand you a boomstick.”

Jericho chuckles softly at the banter before just nodding in agreement, “Sides this may be jus' as importan' as what the res' of us will be doin' of course.”

Sam grins at Uriko and says, “If you'd like, and you are confident you know how to use it, you can borrow my pistol. It's not much, but it's all I've got that I don't expect to be using on this trip. I really don't know how much it'll be of use, but given your alleged toughness, I'm sure you'd find a way.”

A cloud of dust stirs up from the road as the Hummer passes by various buildings at the edge of town headed out into the sands. The ride gets a little bumpier, but the vehicle's offroad capability allows it to take on the dunes without too much trouble.

“I don't want your stupid gun,” Uriko turns her nose up at Sam, shrugging. She turns her attention to the camera for now, fiddling with it - it seems as if she's mostly given up on the arguing… Or at least, the battle but not the war…

Sam blinks a few times, as if offended, “It is not a /stupid/ gun.” The feline says down, almost as if to the gun itself, “It's saved my life more than once.” The cat's arms cross, and the feline notes, “I only have a hunting knife to offer if you don't want a gun. I'm really unsure what, other than the camera, could possibly have offered to satiate you.”


As the Hummer clears a number of dunes, its driver remarks, “I'm just surprised you offered the gun.”

Another vehicle sets atop one of the dunes - at first glance, it looks like your typical sport sedan. An expensive one, to boot. After a second look, you'd probably notice that this one, however, must have some sort of hydraulic suspension keeping it jacked up above the sands. It appears to be temporarily abandoned, but the tracks in the sand would tell you that it recently arrived. The license plate is an international registration with the tag 'STRIPES'. Just past the vehicle is a long abandoned, chewed up dune buggy. Some of the sand underneath it that hasn't blown away is red.

Jericho perks a brow upon noticing the vehicle then its vanity plate before he looks over at Orion, “So much fer the surprise eh?” he chuckles before looking back forward then along the sands in a curious if vigilant way.

“A knife?! Give it here!” Uriko pops up over the back of Sam's seat in a probably annoying fashion. Grabbygrabby. “Lemme see it already!” She seems at least content with such. Her attention is, however, distracted by the sight of the abandoned vehicles and the chewed up dunebuggy - that certainly doesn't look exactly normal, now does it…

“I'm a little surprised myself,” says Sam in response to Orion, “My reports are all done and submitted, so I'm feeling kind. But some people are just never satisfied.” Blue eyes stare bewilderedly at Uriko, and Sam asks, “What are you going to do with a knife?” The feline's head tilts a bit at the vehicle up ahead, and then further at the broken dune buggy. “Pretty ugly looking scene.”

Orion frowns with displeasure at the sight. Perhaps for more than one reason. He pulls the Hummer up next to the sedan slowly and parks it. “Hope she came prepared.” He opens his door and steps out onto the sand slowly.

Jericho's brows tip up as he steps out onto the sands as well as he reaches for the shotgun and once enough clear out of the back he goes back for the riot shield a moment later as he tries to get a good look around to see if atleast the person he suspects is around is atleast alright.

“You can do a lot of interesting stuff with a knife,” Uriko posits, still hanging lazily onto the back of Sam's seat. “Just what are you guys hunting, anyway?” she furrows her brows - certainly not NORMAL game by the looks of it…

Over the next dune there's a visible trail–along the way, there's a wrapper of some sort on the ground. A close inspection would show it to be for an ace bandage.

Sam rolls her eyes and hands the hunting knife over to Uriko, mumbling, “Just be careful with it,” and ignoring the further question. The feline, too, steps out of the vehicle, now deciding to shut up and pay more mind to the surroundings. Eyes narrow slightly and the feline mumbles, “What's that over there?” Sam gestures in the general direction of the wrapper as they approach.

Orion walks quickly over to the wrapper and picks it up to have a look. “Someone used a really large bandage.” He passes it back to whoever is willing to grab it first. “We should probably get moving.”

Uriko steps out of the vehicle, camera slung around her neck while she proceeds to not be careful at all with the hunting knife. She follows after Sam and the rest while she fiddles with it, testing the blade a little before she shoves it back into its sheath and hangs it from a belt loop. “Yeah…”

Jericho's lips work into a tight frown as he starts to follow Orion closely, his left arm slung through the riot shields braces making him with his heavier suit look almost like a knight of yore, though the illusion is stopped dead by the 12 gauge riding his right shoulder for the moment, “No rest fer the wicked I suppose, 'opefully the trail stays strong.”

A noise echoes from beyond the second dune in the distance. It sounds like a muffled gunshot, enough to get the fox running ahead with his considerably lighter equipment.

Orion pulls his rifle off his shoulder and readies it as he runs.

Sam takes the wrapper and takes a look over it, nodding and following after the others. The blade that the snow leopard handed to Uriko is of high quality, like any of Sam's other tools. Sam grips the modified taser and runs after Orion after the sound of a gunshot is heard, not able to match his less encumbered speed, but still decently quick.

Jericho lags behind not too badly, but enough to likely be the last to the party as he tries to keep an eye ont he surroundings while moving ahead, bringing up the rearguard for this particular bit of action.

Uriko keeps up… rather easily, given that she's wearing no body armor nor carrying any heavy equipment at all. It helps that she's in pretty much tip top shape, too, though. “That… doesn't really sound good…” she comments idly, trying to see where the sound came from.

Orion is in a full sprint coming down the last slope before the climb to the top of the dune, rifle held across his body. After he reaches the next peak, he stops abuptly, rubs his forehead, then sits down on the near side of the dune facing the others lagging behind and shakes his head looking… defeated.

Sam follows after Orion and, upon seeing him sit down, takes a few steps ahead and looks around with a discerning eye. The feline doesn't say anything to Orion, figuring he'll be forthcoming with information if it's not immediately apparent.

Jericho seems abit disheartened by Orions general look, but he brings up the rear regardless to trudge up to the top to peer at what there is to be seen, one way or another.

With a sharp 'click!' of her pistol's safety, Kalysa appears just beyond the rise of the dune. She's just dropped a gas-powered dart rifle in favor of her sidearm, and looks rightfully startled by the sudden presence of others!

Uriko pauses midstep when she sees the scene, stumbling a little bit before she plops down next to Orion. She's thoroughly confused by the scene - they all put together a hunting party and… they prey is perhaps already dead? She's not sure what to make of it. Well, at least she has the camera, though. She lifts it up and clicks it over into video mode, recording the scene. She is… kind've unsure what everyone is so glum about, however… “Hi!” she calls to the other tiger, looking cheery.

A desert worm lies immobile a few feet behind Kalysa.

With suscpicious unnatural red feathers sticking out of its side.

Sam sighs and holsters the taser, “Oh, I'm sure I appreciate the exercise, anyways.” The sight of the defeated worm doesn't get Sam really down, though, since the cat's more about satiating curiosities than the thrill of the hunt. The snow leopard remains a wee bit on the alert side, though, having no significant knowledge of the habits of these creatures. Sam begins to walk towards Kalysa and the worm.

Jericho just lets go a short laugh before he slings the shotgun over one shoulder and slips the shield off his arm to lean against it, “Beaten to the punch I see, aww 'ell.”

Kalysa speaks in her thick Newport (English) accent as she lowers her pistol. “Almost got yourself bloody shot, scaring me like that!” She frowns at Jericho. “And what *are* you wearing?”

Orion grumbles and picks himself back up, walking over the dune now to have a closer look at the worm.

Some of the sand on the hill beyond shifts, tumbling down the side as the wind blows through.

Kalysa appears unhurt for all practical purposes. The bandage is nowhere in sight.

Jericho looks over at Kalysa as his brows perk up, “I thought the tin can space man look was back in style an' decided t'go out in style today of course.” he chuckles, though offers on a more serious note, “Thought I'd 'ave to be dealin with somethin' with teeth and a 'unger. Rather 'ave metal between me an' it.” that summarized he starts to trot down towards the worm as well curiously.

Sam gives an opinion on Kalysa's question about Jericho's outfit, “I know, isn't it just dreadful?” The cat continues walking towards the worm and takes a look at it. “What's in these darts, out of curiosity?”

Uriko pans the camera around, zooming in on the worm. “I guess I'm the only one that gets to shoot something, anyway,” she smirks a little, walking over near the worm… dare she tentatively poke it with a toe? “Is that thing still alive?” she looks towards Kalysa, “You want me to stab it?”

Kalysa answers Sam quickly and pointedly, “Enough diazepam to put you in a coma for the rest of your life.” She picks up the dart gun and inspects it. “I'd be careful pulling that dart out if you're thinking about it.” Her eyes focus on Uriko. “I'm not sure it's dead, but it's a fine specimen for study either way. I'd rather it stay intact.”

Orion shakes his head as he surveys the creature. “Just like every christmas, I think I find something you want and you go buy it yourself before I even get it wrapped.”

Sam's brow furrows at Uriko and the cat says, “Oh, give me back my knife.” The tone isn't malevolent or anything, just exasperated at the silly question about stabbing. Sam says, “Lucky this thing has the neurobiological structure to be affected by it. I feel a bit ookie about drugs on creatures I know nothing about, though you likely have a better idea of how it works than I do.”

Jericho sucks his cheek as he thinks about things for a moment, “Are we sure this thing ain' gonna 'ave any relatives like big daddy or mommy showin' up to see wha's goin' on with 'em 'ere? Or fer that matter, some siblings.” he inquires as he peers down at the thing and gives it a poke with the bottom of the shield.

“Oh fine, here,” Uriko sighs, handing the knife back to its rightful owner. Next time, next time she'll bring her own from home. But walking around armed seems to be a good way to get into fights, especially given her disposition…

Kalysa shrugs. “I've no idea how many there are. But I did know from Orion's description they didn't have eyes. So, they have to stalk prey somehow.” She produces a dog whistle from her pocket. “You can always go looking if you want to borrow this.” She smirks. “It's great for annoying certain individuals, too.” Her gaze fixes on Orion for a moment. “As for the effect of the drug, you should have seen the thing jumping around a minute ago.”

The worm twitches as if to spite its captor, flopping around enough that it rolls down the hill a couple feet.

Sam takes the knife and tucks it away, commenting on the worm, “It's ugly. I wish I could cut it open and see what makes it tick. As for the drug, like I said… Some xenobiological entities are just structured all weird. When I use tranqs, it's just something that always worries me.” The feline shrugs and starts looking around, back to alert mode, especially at Jericho's suggestion that they could travel in family groups or something.

Jericho is alert now as well, especially with the fact that the worm had managed to wiggle itself into a roll a few feet away as he grimaces, “Well, les' not stand 'ere gawkin' and let's get movin one way or another ah?”

Orion's rifle is immediately trained on the worm when it moves. “I think it's still alive.”

Kalysa shrugs. “I probably didn't hit its circulatory system. The drug should propagate over time.” She seems to think for a moment. “You know, I think I overlooked something. Would you happen to have brought a very large bag?”

The sand on the next hill shifts again, a little more tumbling down the side in a cascade as if disturbed by something.

Sam looks around slowly and notes, “I think I saw a tarp…” The feline's eyes shift up towards the motion at the next hill, and the cat pulls out the modified taser immediately, pointing it in that general direction. “Whassat?” It might look a bit like Sam's a bit crazy and on edge, but hey, that's just a normal day.

Uriko spins the camera around in the direction Sam's looking/pointing, waiting for something dramatic to happen. BUT WHAT IF SHE NEEDED THE KNIFE AFTER ALL?! Who knows. She seems fairly calm, however.

As the sand falls it uncovers an S-shaped depression that winds back and forth over the hill It looks like… a track.

Jericho purses his lips as he starts to look around more then just the shifting sands ahead as he slips his arm back into the shield, “We gotta tarp yes.”

Orion places his rifle's stock squarely against his shoulder and raises it to point at the track in the sand. “That looks fresh.” He takes a step forward, then hesitates. “Jericho, you've got the shield. We should probably check this out before splitting up to bag that one up.” He motions with his head towards the now more docile worm as he says 'that one'.

Kalysa puts the dog whistle back in her belt pouch of small tools - some standard surgical implements are visible while the cover on the container is lifted up.

Sam keeps the modified taser pointing in the same direction, slowly walking in the general direction of the track, to get a better view. “I'd suggest we give our sleepy worm another dose before going after anything new. Just to be careful.”

Jericho just nods as he squares his shoulders and starts to lead the way forward, not exactly cautiously but vigilantly as he surveys the surroundings before focusing the the track, more to the point he slings his shotgun so he can draw his revolver so he can atleast move shield first.

Uriko keeps the camera trained upon the worm, looking pretty curious about the whole thing. Maybe a little afraid, but only healthily so, considering. “What IS that thing?” she comments, echoing probably the general sentiment… “And there's, erm, MORE of them, you think?”

Orion replies as he follows behind Jericho, matching his pace. “Who knows? Could just be a leftover path from that one, but better safe than-”

Kalysa yelps! She falls about two feet into the sand!

Sam considers what Uriko says and notes, “It's… very probable, I guess, that there's more kicking around somewhere? Reproduction and all…” The cat turns instantly to face Kalysa yelping, pointing the taser in her direction, ready to drop it and draw the pistol at a moment's notice, if need be. (After all, if the worm is attached to Kalysa, it's probably not a good plan to electrocute it)

Orion whirls around, his attention immediately caught by the noise!

Jericho turns his head leastwise towards the noise, the rest of him facing forward towards the old track as he blinks

The hapless 'victim' looks completely bewildered, rather than pained. After a moment, she snaps-to and scrambles out of the small hole. Sand rushes in to fill the depression as she disturbs it. As she takes another step backwards her foot goes through the sand a second time. The loosened material nearby settles more, revealing the depression of the collapsed tunnel between the two places she mis-stepped. “Tunnels.” The tigress observes. “Watch your step.”

Uriko seems concerned, very tense for a moment until it's revealed that Kalysa wasn't really in any huge danger. “Does that mean they could all be underneath us, then? This whole place could be a total deathtrap,” Uriko murmurs, taking some footage of the collapsed tunnel. “Are these things pretty aggressive? Or just like regular animals?” she wonders, then shrugs.

The worm with the dart in it rolls over once more, seeming to 'right' itself. The dart snaps off in the sand, and as if to answer, it lunges and snaps at Uriko!

Kalysa says calmly as she readies her dart gun. “Very aggressive.”

Sam nods a few times in agreement with Kalysa's observation, making sure to check footing before taking any steps forward. While the feline's general composure seems to be quite calm in general, judging by body language, the snow leopard's tail poofs out, betraying that calm, and Sam fires a shot from the modified taser at the beast. The cat fills it with more than enough electricity to keep it from proceeding any further.

Jericho's own heavy revolver starts to swing around to point at the worm should it not be brought down by the taser, though the hammer is thumbed back regardless.

Uriko obviously doesn't have a weapon right now, so she steps back cautiously - well, rather quickly also. “I thought you said it was supposed to be asleep! It's acting like it can understand us!” Well, not really, but, thoughts of being eaten aren't exactly comforting…

The creature's otherworldly shriek sounds like someone screaming with mouthwash in their mouth. The surface of its skin around the taser contacts bubbles and smokes, and it lies still after a moment of thrashing about. Kalysa lowers her gun and after a moment locks the trigger. She raises an eyebrow. “I think that might have done the trick.” After a curious sniff at the air, she wrinkles her nose and looks disgusted. The odor of its burnt corpse is less than pleasing.

Orion lowers his rifle too. “Dinner is served!”

Jericho thumbs the hammer back down safely as he furrows his brows then wrinkles his nostrils a moment later, “Sho' nuff, but I think either we shoul' be movin' feet, I dont think our frien's frien's are gonna like 'earin' what we did to one of their boys.”

Sam pulls out the sheathed hunting knife again, and tosses it towards Uriko, “So you've got something to help you panic with next time.” The feline sighs at the worm and comments, “Apparently, that was a touch too much… Pity to ruin it. I hope it's mostly intact other than being hopefully dead.” The cat takes a bit of time to ready the taser again, figuring if another worm attacks, there are more than enough armed people about to take care of it.

Orion walks up to the worm and bends over to look at it. “Lets go get the tarp. I bet Pan would get a kick out of this thing!” He starts off towards the vehicles.

Kalysa is already pulling a pair of polyvinyl gloves over her hands. She grabs the worm's tail and begins to drag it along behind Orion silently.

Uriko catches it by the grip casually, looking a bit bewildered. She doesn't say anything in response, simply hooking the knife back onto the belt loop where it previously resided - it's not as if she was panicking anyway! Not really… Hmph.

Jericho smirks at Orions comment and just shakes his head as he pads closer to the group again though he does peer back towards the tracks a moment, “Probably going to yell at us fer makin' the Hummer about to smell like a burnin' corpse.”

Sam blinks a few times and then gets back into a ready position and looks around. Now that it's confirmed that the taser is enough to take one of these things out, the snow leopard is a little bit more confident about using it as a primary weapon.

The sands on the dunes beyond are slowly covering the tracks over time.

The trek over the two hills to the vehicle is uneventful enough, Orion leading the way at an easy pace with his rifle lowered in his hands. He talks as he goes along. “I don't think we'll be able to say for sure we've got them all if we do keep hunting them. Hopefully somebody having a look at this one will be able to tell us more. Who knows, someone with a cruel sense of humor might have made something that ugly necessary for the local ecosystem.”

Kalysa gives one last heave on the worm as Orion gets to the Hummer, clumsily tossing the thing in front of her. For a medic, she sure doesn't seem to have much respect for the corpse. Then again, it's not her usual clientele. She looks winded, and has just started to pant.

Jericho purses his lips as he brings up the rear again, though he likely would've offered to atleast aid with carrying the worm during the trip up as he pads up towards the Hummer to pop open the rear hatch, “Coul' be, or even just hunt spor' if they have a real sick sense of 'umour.”

Orion jumps like he steppped on a tack when the worm lands nearby, and fires a round into it so fast one could barely see the barrel of his weapon move to aim! His eyes wide, he steps back and lowers his weapon. “Holy hell! Don't do that!”

Despite her condition, Kalysa lets out a dry cackle before she slowly takes a knee. “I think I need some water.”

Uriko simply follows after the others, quietly taking video of everything that happens while wrinkling her nose at the stench of dead worm. “I think I wanna ride back in the other car,” she comments idly, glancing at the back of the hummer.

Sam glances at the others and decides to follow them back instead of being left alone in the desert. The feline blinks a few times at Orion's reaction and says, “Wow, jumpy. That makes me kind of nervous.” The feline holsters the taser and says to Kalysa, “Water?” While Sam would have thought to bring a bit of water, sharing water bottles is really not the strong point of a selfish mysophobe. “Does anyone else have some?”

Jericho snerks and simply pads up towards the front where he rode shotgun and left his pack before rummaging and tossing a bottle Kalysa's way with a 'Heads up' as a warning. Though he does move back as he sets aside the riot siheld for now to start setting up the tarp, “We gonna get this lump of ugly in or wha'?'

Kalysa fumbles the bottle and it lands in the sand. She takes a glove off and picks it up to dust it off with a raspy, “Thanks.”

Orion pauses to watch Kalysa, then picks up the end of the tarp closest to him to wrap his half of the worm. He looks up to Sam. “Don't worry, it's not the noise that scared me - it was the sight.”

Sam smiles slightly at Orion and notes in a jocular tone, “That the sight of me doesn't offend you as much as that thing is a compliment, I'm sure.” The feline looks at the worm for a few moments and shrugs, turning back to Uriko, “Do you need my knife for anything further?”

Kalysa slurps greedily at the water in the bottle. She drains half of it, then resumes panting as she watches the others, inwardly grateful for their aid even though she hasn't voiced it.

Uriko shrugs, handing Sam the knife back. What is this, some sort of game? Hot potato? Who knows.

Jericho takes the other end of the tarp to mirror Orion's motions in the worm wrapping as he before eventually lifting his end once its fully wrapped to get it into the hummer, though he does look to Kalysa once and the water bottle before commenting, “S'more don't nee' t'be shy 'bout downin' the rest.”

No further urging is required, the water bottle tips back again. Some of it spills around Kalysa's lips and soaks her collar and a vertical line halway down her shirt.

Orion dusts himself off as he closes up the rear of the vehicle. He gives Kalysa a concerned frown. “You going to be ok to drive?”

Sam looks at the knife for a few moments and puts it away yet again. It really must be a game of hot potato, since Sam doesn't really seem intent on using the thing either. The cat retrieves a water bottle and drinks of it. Given how unsuited the snow leopard is for the weather, though, it's unlikely anyone ought to begrudge Sam for hoarding this water, as it gets nearly downed.

Jericho is getting to that particular point himself as he starts to step forward towards his pack again as he furrows his brows and looks back to Kal, “Y'need more there?” he offers

Kalysa's eyes are obviously not focused properly on the fox, seeming to look through him. She blinks hard and tries to look at him again, then looks midly frustrated. She splashes the rest of the water on her face and rubs at it, then seems to focus clearly. She looks to Jericho, then down at what she's managed to do to herself with the bottle. “I think I'm good, thanks.” She rubs her head again. “I feel like a silly sot, I brought emergency rations because they came with my medkit, but no water.”

Orion pulls a tube out from behind the collar of his outfit, puts it in his mouth and sucks on it. “Take a couple more bottles, we keep a tank in our vehicles because of the climate.” He glances at Jericho.

Contrary to Sam, Uriko seems to be doing just fine - though she's quite fuzzy and her species is not exactly made for deserts, she has lived in a similar climate for most of her life. She laughs a little, “So, we hauling this thing back to down, or are we gonna walk around here some more?”

Jericho goes for his pack and leaves one bottle out for himself and pads back towards Kalysa with two more bottles offered with a grin “Can't 'ave y'passin' out 'ere on us Kal. Deserts rather unforgivin'” though he does look to Orion after Uriko's question and perks a brow questionly. Don't question the brow!

Sam looks contented after the extended drink of water, tucking the water bottle back away for later use. The cat is just glad that this bottle isn't being contaminated with anyone else's filthy germs. The feline comments to Kalysa, “Sometimes forgetting supplies happens to the best of us…”

Kalysa blinks. “I don't want to be hauled anywhere…” There's a pause. “Oh.” She looks further embarrased and then scrambles to her feet. She can stand just fine, but still looks somewhat delerious from the heat off and on. She fishes her keys out from her pocket. “I'd like to get that thing back to the clinic, we've got a morgue in the back for autopsies…” She blinks again, losing focus.

“You okay?” Uriko blinks, giving the other tiger a once-over, “You don't seem very okay. I've seen heat exhaustion before… lotsa times…” she glances at the ground, turning the camera away for the moment.

Jericho purses his lips before waving a gloved paw in front of Kalysa's face, “Hmmf, y'all alrigh'? Maybe I shoul' drive yer car back, rather not see you go careenin' into a dune.”

Orion gives Jericho a thumbs up, not even waiting for Kalysa to confirm. “We'll meet up in the clinic's parking lot.”

Kalysa grumbles at the two boys quietly, but offers Jericho the keys.

Sam's brows furrow at Kalysa and the snow leopard says, preceding the statement with a kind of motherly click, “You're probably suffering from heatstroke. Give me those keys…” until the cat registers Jericho's words and then shrugs indifferently, noting to Uriko, “Go with her if you've dealth with people with heat exhaustion before.”

Jericho takes the keys then strolls back to collect his pack and bottle of water which he drinks liberally from before collecting the two tigresses towards Kalysa's vehicle, though he does look bac towards Orion, “Soun's fair, If you dont feel like waitin' around I can give a hollar if we get in deep.”

Orion waves. “Radio's always on.” He pops the passenger door on the Hummer open before walking around to the other side to get in.

“Well she probably just needs more water, and some shade… I dunno…” Uriko blinks, and is summarily shuffled towards the other vehicle. Figuring that whatever it is is over, she turns off the camera, for now - returning it to its spot around her neck. Not quite as exciting as she thought this trip'd be, however… not TOO bad either…

The sport sedan is still resting where it was left, standing tall (so to speak) on its hydraulic struts. The door handles are easy enough to make out, but there's no keyholes on the doors. The vehicle is a matte silver with a clearcoat protectant finish on it. Its interior is a darker gray, against which the blue themed instrument panel stands out. A red blinking light in the windshield warns of the security system.

Sam follows after Orion, getting in through the passenger door and finishing off the bottle of water en route, and giving a half wave at everyone as they part ways.

Jericho eyes the keys for a moment to see if there is good way to unlock the car before he has to ask questions.

Kalysa walks around to the other side of her vehicle with a note of indignance about being relieved of her driving priveleges. She folds her arms and waits expectantly to be let in.

The key to the vehicle has an unusually large and thick, but completely seamless and button-free grip. Rather, the metal 'key' itself seems to just be plain with no teeth.

Jericho passes the key over by the doorhandle, and should that not set about opening the car up properly he raises eyebrows towards Kalysa and holds up the key with a waggle.

Orion pulls a pair of shades out of the Hummer's visor and slips them over his eyes, starts the vehicle, and starts to move.

When the key gets close to the handle, a distinct 'click' is heard from all four doors. Kalysa pulls her door open and dusts herself off before climbing in.

Sam leans back in the seat and comments to Orion, “Sometimes I forget how hot deserts are.” The cat says little else before turning to look out the window, to watch the monotone landscape pass by.

Orion remarks, “It's nice at night. The air can get frigid, but the sand's usually warm from the day.” He seems much more at ease in the air conditioned vehicle. “Though… I might think twice about coming out here at night now.”

Uriko slides into Kal's car, taking the first available seat - it's certainly a bit more plush than she's used to, at least… But she'll take her Jeep anyway!

Jericho sits his tush into the seat once he gets the door open then kicks off the sand from his boots against the frame before pulling himself in fully, and when presented with the ignition system either does another key wave or just puts the thing into said ignition as he looks back to Uriko and Kalysa, “Well tha' was a fun trip ah ladies?” he offers with one of his usual disarmingly cheesey smiles as he puts the car in gear and starts to roll out after the departing Hummer

Sam laughs at that and says, “You're not afraid of a little… giant worm monster from hell, are you?” The snow leopard's ears twitch slightly, and the feline adds, “I didn't figure I'd get to see this kind've wildlife while I was down, though.”

The instrument panel of Kalysa's vehicle has several unique dispays, and lacks a fuel meter. There's a fairly simple readout where the fuel meter usually is, indicating solely voltage and temperature with space for warning lights. The air conditioner is actually running already before the vehicle is started, and the screen over the center console displays compass rose. A male computerized voice that reminds you oddly of an english butler says, “Warden online. Manual control active.”

Orion chuckles for a moment, then sighs. “Honestly… neither did I.”

The Hummer takes to the sands easily at a steady pace, following some invisible path through the sands known only to a number of devices inside and its driver.

Sam sighs and says, “I kind of look forward to seeing it get cracked open, even though it'll be disgusting, I'm sure… I take it that it's a pretty uncommon kind've thing in these parts?”

The voltage meter is reading just over 200. The vehicle is almost silent.

Jericho sucks his cheek as he eyes the instrument panels trying to be familiar with it with all his time spent in front of displays of one sort or another in ships or other haulers and vehicles, though he does note the voltage, perhaps figuring that the car runs on electric, unless there is the steady thrum of ICE. Though he just drives carefully along behind the hummer, really just trying to get a feel for the car, “Nice ride by an' by.” he offers towards Kal.

Orion realigns the steering wheel to match the lay of a hill and avoid slipping. “I've never seen one before. Who knows how long you could go without finding one though.”

“Heh, yeah, not exactly what I was expecting,” Uriko peers over, “That's pretty odd. You don't see too many electrics around here… it's easier just to run internal combustion. Do you take this car off planet a lot?” she wonders - given that Jericho and friends have ships, it seems kinda likely, “Come to think of it, I bet they don't allow that in some places like Luna, huh?”

Sam nods and says, “I've never seen plenty of things in the wild, despite being in the center of their habitats. It's one of those things, I guess.” The snow leopard leans forward to pretty much get as much AC blowing in the face as possible.

Kalysa smiles faintly. “I had this shipped in. If you ignore the initial price tag it's a lot cheaper than having to burn fuel.” After a pause, she adds, “His name is Peregrine, by the way. Perry, for short.”

The 'Warden' speaks once more. “Voice signature confirmed, Kalysa Talor Astrin.”

Kalysa rolls her eyes. “He's so formal.”

Jericho hmmms? over at Kalysa before looking to the dash, “Perry eh? Well coul' always tinker if y'dont want 'em so formal but, it lends 'em character I suspect.” he laughs though focuses again on abit of more difficult terrain atleast for the smaller vehicle.

“Ah… my car… doesn't really talk. It doesn't even have air conditioning,” Uriko comments, laughing, “But my dad knows how to fix it if it breaks. It's pretty super reliable anyway. That's just sorta the way he likes them. He's a technophobe.”

Orion reaches over calmly and turns the fan up to full blast. Perhaps one would be better suited to using a leaf blower if worried about one's hairstyle.

The radio in the sedan turns on automatically to some easy listening. The console display changes, displaying a little more additonal data such as the current radio station, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure… and so on. A small bar to the side indicates one more metric: Core Output 74 / 600 kW

Since Sam's hair is tied back, mussing it up is the last of the cat's concern. While Sam's ears fold back, the expression on the feline's face certainly is one of happiness. Ahh, nothing like a little simulated wind. This also helps deal with the odour of burnt worm.

Kalysa replies to Uriko, looking over her shoulder. She seems much more comfortable in the air conditioning, having stopped panting at this point. “The most important thing is that it has wheels and moves. Other than that… well…” She shrugs. “I don't know mechanics, I specialize in something different and see no harm in paying someone else for their expertise.” She smiles again. “I get roadside assistance for life!” The smile fades. “Though… I suppose this isn't a road, really.”

Jericho's brows perk up as he looks back over to Kalysa, “Not in the slightes' no, but you've got other coverage fer tha' in the area 'ere atleast.” he laughs.

In the distance, the landing strip is coming into view.

“That's cool!” Uriko smiles, “You must have a pretty good amount of money, then,” she comments, but seems more interested in, “What do you do, then? Biology?”

Orion watches Sam for a moment with a raised eyebrow. He fully intended to annoy the feline with the blast of air, given his mostly harmless but still slightly sadistic tendencies towards others when all is well. He shakes his head, then starts to smile a little himself. He calls out towards the back of the vehicle, “How's the air back there, Jim?”

Kalysa ponders her response for a moment. “Well… yes… in a way. I'm a medic. Certified physician's assistant in most jurisdictions.” She settles back in her seat, but turns her head so she can look out of the side of her eye at Uriko.

Sam leans back away from the vent again and looks back, blinking a couple of times, then back forward. The feline shrugs and just says upon spying some land, “Probably best that Jer's driving the vehicle with Kalysa and whatserface in it. It would've taken me a bit longer to navigate.”

As the Hummer drives off the sand onto the packed road past the airstrip, the wheels gain traction and Orion picks up a little more speed now that he's in the clear.

Uriko simply sits there, for the most part, “Hm?” she wonders, glancing back over at Kal, “Did I say something wrong?” the girl wonders aloud, shrinking back a little. “I just meant to say that it was a nice car. I don't think we could afford one like this,” she notes, leaning against the door and turning her attention to the view out the window…

Orion snerks. “In her car? She's probably got some ridiculous setup that practically drives itself. Her three favorite things after getting a paycheck are cars, aircraft, and fine liquors. Usually not taken at the same time.” He speaks as if naming a country's known exports as a geography teacher.

Kalysa hmms? “Oh, I don't mind the inquiry. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to afford this either, I've just had a stroke of luck and landed a good deal on it.” She glances at the console display, picking up that the way she was looking at Uriko must have made her uncomfortable.

When the sedan reaches the road and gains proper traction, the instrument panel slip warning light flashes once and the vehicle begins making a noise similar to a camera flash charging - but much lower in frequency. The readout on the display jumps quickly. Core Output 224kW

Sam chuckles and says, “You know her real well, I'm guessing? Me, my favourite things after a paycheck are new clothes,” pretty clear given Sam's inclination towards fashionable outfits, “old videos and candy.”

Jericho looks over towards Kalysa as he perks his brows, “Must've been a large boon from lady luck 'erself.” though once the the warning lights pop up he perks a brow, intrigued but not really panicky, though he does tap the display, “Either I'm getin' more or less power, i'm gonna go with more though.” he looks over towards Kalysa for confirmation.

The vehicle's voice comes to life once more: “Warning, local weather service reports forecast of sandstorm passing within fifteen miles southwest of Epiphyte in the next 24 hours.”

Kalysa blinks as she listens to the message before replying, put at ease by the wide berth and time frame. Her answer is simply, “Perry, report engine status.”

Uriko smiles faintly, now feeling slightly guilty. In truth, she just wondered why the other tiger was looking at her - but oh well. “That's pretty crazy, it even gets weather reports? Does it having freaking AI or something too?” she blinks. If Kalysa doesn't watch it, she will become the teen's new hero, if only because of her cool car.

There's a short beep and a reply by the computer system, “Engine usage current average ten percent. Recommended maximum usage in conditions thirty-seven percent. Traction control active. Reactor temperature normal. Preventative maintenance due next week. Expected half life maintenance in fifteen calendar years.”

Jericho's ears perk as he listens then gives a low whistle as he nods abit, “Abou' what I expected then, this ride is pretty sweet.”

Orion shrugs. “We've worked together before.” That's all he offers on the matter without further prodding. “What kind of candy?” Hmm. Subject change…

Sam looks towards Orion and says, “Chocolates, mostly. Sometimes with caramel or cherry filling… otherwise, most sour candy will do.” The feline headtilts and then asks, “What kind of job did you work together? Isn't she a doctor or something?” Beat. “Are you a secret nurse?”

Kalysa sighs contentedly. “I've had it for a week, the preventative maintenance is little more than a car wash and inspection. It's not a true AI, but it can go from point A to point B in a lot of places without a driver.” She rolls her eyes. “I had a bad habit of getting rides to or from work and forgetting to go get my car. Only room for so much to think about you know.”

Orion seems pensive, then just gives Sam an odd look at 'secret nurse'. “I've worked private military for a while. She was at my last organization to patch up injuries. She's trained as a combat medic.”

The vehicles round the corner beyond the hangars, heading past the runways.

Uriko blinks, “Wait you mean, this thing's nuclear?” she seems sort've astounded by this. Not battery powered either… “Wow…”

Kalysa says with a note of amusement, “Don't worry, if it's damaged it won't explode or radiate us.”

Jericho just shakes his head, “I'd 'ope not, but I don't think we'll be damaging anythin' anytime soon.” he offers with a smirk, driving smooth sailing at this point.

Sam shrugs at Orion and says, “It happens. I was really close to this guy, I knew him for years, and we worked together. He was killed by some government operative, left everything he owned to me in his will. I felt like he was giving me the finger from beyond the grave, 'cause it was all worthless junk. But as I looked through it, I found textbooks and his degree. He was a secret nurse.” The cat looks down for a moment, thoughtfully, and after a pause says to Orion, “Makes sense that you know her, I guess, then.”

Kalysa shoots the otter a look. “I certainly hope not, sir.”

Orion hmms. “Sometimes I wonder about that.” The statement carries no implied meaning through tone, mentioned almost as an afterthought. While very open-ended in purpose, it could be a slip…

Jericho holds up a hand in a defensive way as he just laughs and grins, ”'ey now, I haven't put a ding on this car an' I don' plan too, you 'ave my word an' paycheck should it prove otherwise.”

Kalysa sticks her nose up in the air mockingly. “An arm and a leg would suffice.”

Sam looks at Orion for a few moments, as if considering, and then looks forward, saying idly, “Anyways, you look like the secret nurse type… And what do you wonder about?”

Orion opens his mouth to say something, then takes a deep breath and closes it. After a pause, he tries again. “I feel like I met her before that. I just can't figure out where.” Seems like this part might be a genuine mystery, even to him.

Jericho looks over at Kalysa in an amused way though doesnt let his eyes stray off the road or tarmac long as he chuckles low in his throat, “Now that would cos' me dear. Better the paycheck.”

Uriko waits as the car rolls into the airstrip, glad to be back on solid ground once again - for now. She stretches, yawning, “Well, now what, we go look at the thing, I guess?” she glances up at the sun for a moment, “I guess I've got time for that…” she trails off, craning her neck to make sure her Jeep is safe and sound where she left it. Which it is, happily taking up three spaces next to the hangar, parked diagonally.

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