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 (Photo by szedlisa) No, Sandhia doesn't really look like this. Want to draw me a picture? Pretty please?

Basic info

Short Description Gold eyes, gold pelt, white mane and tail, curvy but athletic figure, hooves
Homeworld Luna-registered starship
Birthdate August 3, 2190
Apparent age Late teens or early twenties
Gender Female
Species Recom, Arabian Horse
Height 5ft 9in (175cm)
Weight 137 lbs (62kg)

Background and personality

Sandhia does not tend to talk about her past, but if pressed she will say that her mothers are dancers in the Luna Ballet, a large touring dance company, and that her godfather was the touring ship's robotics engineer. Both of her mothers were fairly busy people. She was raised on the touring starship for the ballet and from a very young age she gravitated to the ships' robotics repair facilities.

Some people accused her mothers of letting the ship's robotician raise Sandhia, but Sandhia could not play outside since they were usually traveling in space. Instead she assisted and tinkered with robotics. The ship's robotics engineer was a Belter who took her under his wing and served as her father figure. When Sandhia was eight her mothers officially made him her godfather.

Later she took formal computer-based robotics, electronics and computer courses and officially apprenticed under her godfather to obtain her certification as a robotican at a young age. Her mothers taught her dance and martial arts. She learned marksmanship from a boyfriend who told her she was far too beautiful not to know how to handle a gun.

Personality Sandhia is nearly always sweet and she has a weakness for canid males, but she does not tend to engage in exclusive long-term relationships, perhaps due to her professional life. She can be shy, but she can also be brazen depending on her mood and how long she has been cooped up on a starship.
Reputation Sandhia has a reputaion as a quiet, efficient worker
Affiliation Citizen of Luna (officially). Sandhia is affiliated with Lopanga's Seventh Wave (a national space navy based on Annyrion) because they are currently her robotics studio's largest client. Since they have such a wide variety of different types and vintages of robots, Sandhia really enjoys working for them.
Hobbies She enjoys building, repairing and programming robots, and associated computers and electronic devices both professionally and as a tinkering hobbyist. She likes to salvage robots from a variety of places, dead ships, junkyards, estate sales and so on. This often requires getting through their security systems and reprogramming them. She is also a bit nosy and enjoys 'testing' security systems. Yet she appears to be too interested in keeping a good professional reputation to engage in criminal activity for hire. When she is not working she enjoys gardening and going out. She is far more likely to go to bed with a nice fur than she is with a bottle.
Skills Professional Robotician {Robotics, including salvage and repair, computer programming, limited robotic AI, building and defeating electronic locks & security systems on robots (and elsewhere)}, dance and an equine martial art similar to Muay Thai, marksmanship, basic shipboard skills including piloting a shuttle, basic repair skills, basic vehicular driving skills, basic sewing skills, basic cooking skills, very basic sailboat crewing skills (still learning).
Occupation Sandhia is a Robotician. Roboticians build, repair, maintain, modify, upgrade, program and direct robots in service of a ship, company or other robotic labor-using entity. They are basically robotics, computer and AI technicians. Sandhia's Salvage Yard & Robotician's Studio is just southeast of Crater Park in Epiphyte
Residence Sandhia currently lives on Annyrion in the city of Epiphyte in her robotics studio.

Recent events

Fun facts

Since Sandhia's genome was created on Luna, and the genetics team on Luna that created her genome and implanted her in her mother knew she would be growing up on a starship, they included all of the relevant genetic codes to prevent long-term deterioration in zero gravity.

Sandhia is a walking encyclopedia of robotics knowledge because she has an eidetic memory, grew up in a robotics bay, and loves her field with passionate affection and a child-like sense of wonder.

Many of Sandhia's features are characteristic of a line of Arabian horse recoms known as the Asil bint Sahara (pure daughters of the desert, in Arabic.) Male members of the line were never created. According to family legend, the Asil were originally created on Earth at incredible expense for the princes of Middle-Eastern petroleum. These recoms were produced to serve the ultra-wealthy as dancers, entertainers and harem slaves. They were a very thoroughly engineered line known for their exquisite beauty, dexterity, flexibility and lustiness. They almost always possessed eidetic memories and social graces thus they made excellent actors and indispensable personal assistants for the ultra-wealthy.

Player preferences

Online times I am in the * time zone.
  • Plots involving Adventure, space and planetary exploration, shipboard and other mysteries, salvage operations, robotics repair operations, sailing, surfing, and fun times on shore leave are all good.
  • Sandhia does not want to be a red shirt; she wants to be a recurring character, so please count her out of any plots that will leave her dead or permanently maimed.
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