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Sandhia's Salvage Yard & Robotics Studio


A scrap yard and warehouse just SE of Crater Park in Epiphyte, Lopanga on Annyrion.


Sandhia's shop buys and sells vehicle-, machine- and robotic scrap and parts, but her main business is the repair and customization of robots from anthro-bots to robotic farm machinery. She can order and resell new robots and robotic parts for people and businesses, but she does not have a showroom for new robots. She is currently the only seller of commemorative re-worked Sethobots with standard Intercore robot brains installed.


Sandhia is a master robotician. She has a master's degree in applied robotics from the New Philadelphia Polytechnic and certifications for the repair of all major robotics systems. She is currently working on her certifications for prosthetics repairs as well.

Notable Customers

In addition to servicing robots from miscellaneous starships landing at the Epiphyte airstrip, and various area farmers, businesses and homeowners, Sandhia is the main robotics service provider for Lopanga's “navy”, The Seventh Wave.


Sandhia Asil bought the abandoned junkyard and warehouse in May 2211. Once purchased, she excavated the sand from, and repaired the building with the help of Shak'al, Riv and a few robots. White Ears helped her install a small ship's reactor, salvaged during one of her space adventures, in the basement to provide power. She now sells power to some of her neighbors including Pratt's Bait & Fuel station. On the advice of her artist friend, Abiri, she preserved some of the original graffiti art that the building had acquired while sitting vacant in the years before she bought it.

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