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Timeline of the universe in Furscape MUCK

2017 – The first 'recom' (a male feline) is created via genetic engineering. A DNA encoding error causes him to be mentally deficient and creates a false perception among many humans that all recoms will be naturally inferior.

2024 – Using the new Nexus-5 observatory, located at the L-5 point between Earth and Luna, NASA scientists create a rough map of planet PCX-1135 – orbiting Ross 154, less than 10 light years from Sol. The presense of an Earth-like biosphere and atmosphere is confirmed and a rough map of continents is made. The planet is renamed Annyrion, in honor of the astronomer Annyri Dalal.

2028 – The Earth-like planet which will later become known as Oceania is identified by NASA scientists.

2040-2053 – Recoms begin to be 'mass produced' for use in a wide variety of roles, both military and industrial. In years to follow, Asian countries lead the way, using cheap recom labor as a competitive weapon. Western nations are forced to answer with their own recom programs.

2040-2042 – A permanent Lunar settlement is established, and construction of Alpha Dome begins.

2042-2044 – The Lunar Microwave Observatory Complex, better known as the Drake Observatory, is constructed on far side of moon in the basin of Coriolis Crater. Shielded from Earth's radio emissions, it is by far the most sensitive radio telescope ever built.

2045-2047 – Alpha Dome is completed, and construction of Beta and Gamma Domes begin.

2050-2053 – Asteroid mining operations are now underway on a large scale. Harvest Ventures begins the first mining operations on Phobos, with fabulously lucrative results. A “gold rush” mentality brings many humans and recoms into space.

2055 – The first permanent colony is established on Mars at Amundsen Base. Taking advantage of the latest technology and experience from Luna colonies, plus a “boom town” atmosphere from being near Phobos and Deimos, and cheap recom labor, the colony grows more quickly than most observers would have thought possible.

2065 – The Apocalypse War begins on Earth, starting with a joint Chinese and Pakistani invasion of India. Allied nations are soon dragged into the conflict on both sides. India is aided by Japan, the USA and the European Union. China is joined by Russia and unified Korea. At first the war is fought with conventional weapons, but NBC weapons of mass destruction make their debut late in 2066.

2067 – Gamma Dome is destroyed. Widespread devastation is seen on Earth – some humans return from space colonies to their home countries and families. Others attempt to flee the fighting, either to the non-aligned regions of Earth, or into space. Resupplies from Earth are only a sporadic trickle – most of them routed through the major spaceports in Brazil and New Zealand. Recoms revolt on Mars and establish a dictatorship under Marshall Redwolf.

2068 ­ Unmanned Ogre-class cybertanks have proven brutally effective on the battlefield. Late in the war, new kind of experimental computer is used to create Armageddon-class cybertanks, but is fielded without sufficient testing. Of the 16 tanks produced, 8 went completely 'insane', and one had a brief romantic relation with a recom rat who's only registered name was '86-41', which ended when the tank discovered what it was created for, and self-destructed rather than harm its lover.

2070 – Emergency hydroponics programs ease the famine on Luna, but food and other supplies will be rationed for many years to follow. The Luna Council adopts a new constitution based on full independence from Earth and equal rights for all intelligent beings. On Mars, Marshall Redwolf declares Earth under quarantine: in particular, no refugees will be accepted. The MDF warship Ares fires upon and destroys a passenger ship arriving from Earth. The Luna Council transmits a message to Mars, deploring the action. Two NATO patrol ships defect to Luna and are soon adapted to become the core of a new Space Defense Force (SDF) based on Luna.

2071-2072 – It has become apparent that Earth is dying. Scattered pockets of survivors radio for help, some are rescued from the planet. They bring with them bio-weapon contaminants that once again spread plague. Shunned by recoms, many surviving humans retreat to the asteroid belt colonies. Late in 2072 the Luna Council declares quarantine against Earth and forbids further rescue missions. Marshall Redwolf transmits a famous message to Luna: “I told you so.”

2073-2090 – The space colonies struggle to survive without the manufacturing, technology, and material resources from Earth. Rationing is widespread. Despite political differences, Luna and Mars are forced to develop trade and cooperative programs. Cultural and scientific development is stifled in the spartan effort to maintain necessities of life.

2091-2095 – Living standards rise. Recoms begin to rediscover art and entertainment, science and education. Emergency measures enacted during the crisis to control industry are repealed, especially on Luna. Some research stations are re-opened. Drake Observatory re-opens in 2103 to much fanfare.

2097 – Marshall Redwolf is ousted in a palace coup. Mars is left in chaos as factions skirmish and maneuver for power. In the next two years, the Martian government will change five times.

2100 – The new century begins with huge celebrations, as recoms celebrate the survival and rebirth of their civilization – despite the loss of Earth, which appears will remain uninhabitable long into the future.

2103 – The New Martian Republic is established with a democratic constitution patterned after Luna's. (However, Martian politics remains a full-contact sport right up to the present day.)

2111 – First Contact: Drake Observatory receives transmissions from outside the Sol system. The impact of this knowledge on recom society is electric. However, fully deciphering the messages will take over two years.

2114 – Researchers make a bombshell announcement: the alien radio transmissions are instructions for building a gateway into hyperspace. It will allow faster-than-light travel and make interstellar voyages and communication practical.

2115 – After much debate, Luna and Mars embark on a joint project to build a jumpgate. It's a massive undertaking that engages the resources and energy of recoms all over Sol system.

2120 – The Sol System Jumpgate is brought online and the first experimental starships are sent through it to seek contact with alien civilizations.

2120 – The first exploration ship reaches Annyrion, claiming it in the name of Mars. (The claim would later be invalidated.) The Eisshari become the first alien intelligences directly encountered by recoms.

2121 – The first exploration ship reaches Oceania. An extensive research program is soon slated to determine whether earthly biota – recreated from the genetic banks of Sigma Dome – can be introduced to the planet.

2123 – The first exploration ship reaches Wildplanet (Jalan). Friendly contact is established with the communities of Kirru and Irbis who are already established there. Scientists soon puzzle out the earthly origins of the Irbis race. During the same expedition, Planet Amazon is scouted but not explored.

2126 – The first recom colony outside of Sol System is established on the islands of Oceania, as a joint project of Luna and Mars. It has been found that life forms from Earth can thrive and quickly displace the primitive native life of the planet. Aquatic recoms in particular are soon drawn to the growing colony.

2134 – The first colony on Annyrion is established on the northern continent of Inaria, primarily backed by Luna Colony.

2136 - 2138 – Small colonies, not sanctioned by the major colonial governments, are established in the Lopanga Continent of Annyrion. Leonines and Chakats settle in northern parts of the continent, while a motley crew of claim-jumpers land further south.

2142 – Regular contact and trade is established between Wildplanet and Sol System. A refueling station is established in orbit around Planet Amazon, and a research station is built on the moon's surface.

2147 – Recom Colonists join with the Eisshari to form the Annyrion Colonist - Eisshari Coalition.

2160 – Odontonians are first revealed to the public, causing a sensation (and some consternation). Dr. de Lansur, and later Columbine, will continue to improve the species for the next 15 years.

2185 – A commercial venture establishes a small colony on Planet Amazon, primarily as a vacation resort for well-heeled recoms.

2192 – A pair of unidentified scout ships engage in a series of minor skirmishes with Martian (GPA) patrol craft. Mars asserts that the ships were from an unknown alien race. Near-panic is widespread among the public, as many decry the vulnerability of recom civilization to any possible conflict with aliens. The feared invasion never materializes, although budgets for SDF and other patrol forces are increased.

2200 – Huge celebrations mark the arrival of the new century.

2203 – A Skiltaire colony ship arrives in Sol System. Tensions run high at first, but peaceful contact is eventually established. After negotation between the Skiltaire and various colonial governments, an agreemment is struck allowing the Skiltaire to establish a colony on an undeveloped part of Planet Amazon.

2203 – In response to escalating tensions between Epiphyte and the Annyrion Coalition, and the resultant blockade of Epiphyte, Epiphyte joins with other cities and provinces of Lopanga to form the Lopanga Confederacy.

October 2, 2203: The Coalition scoutship Shadowfax explodes while transiting the Thinora system jumpgate to hyperspace. Chancellor Soliero and a small contingent of officers and enlisted personnel are presumed dead, as the debris field of Shadowfax is quickly dispersed through hyperspace. Shadowfax had just finished an overhaul in the shipyard following recent combat action, and had not undergone the usual period of post-overhaul engineering trials. On another note, no reason is discovered for Soliero’s taking of that particular ship, when she had access to a personal spacecraft.

October 3, 2203: Hagalaz Thorsson, the Coalition’s Peacekeeper Commissioner, is elected to the office of Chancellor, following an emergency session of the Coalition Council in which the required two-thirds vote was narrowly passed. In his inauguration speech, he rescinds the executive order that imposed the naval blockade of Epiphyte Spaceport, and calls for diplomatic talks between all factions in known space.

November 11, 2203: A brief naval skirmish occurs in Thinora System, near Gateway Station. Claiming to be on a goodwill mission, the SDF warship Paladin, under the command of Admiral Lightwing, entered the system with the intention of arresting FireFox, former pirate and then-current senior officer of the Lopanga Confederacy’s space navy, and was discovered by the Coalition frigate Dallenhome, which was investigating “sensor anomalies” in the sector. After negotiations break down, a firefight between Firefox's ship, Savage Rose, and Paladin ensues. Dallenhome's captain, seeing this incursion by a capital ship controlled by Luna as a possible threat to the independence of Thinora System, opens fire on Paladin with an experimental laser weapon, inflicting severe damage. At the end of the encounter, Paladin is towed to the jumpgate, and returned to Sol System.

2206 – An asteroid strike destroys Alpha Dome on Luna. Although eventually rebuilt, it seems unlikely to return to its former population in the near future.

2209 – After several years of struggle, the Skiltaire Colony on Planet Amazon decide to pack everything up and move on. They strip all items of value and depart into deep space, searching for a planet that they consider more suitable. However, it is possible that some Skiltaire have stayed behind and may choose to integrate into recom society.

2211 – Under cover of riots against Secretary Paris, a massive force of robots under the direction of a Mayor Sethos captured the city of Epiphyte and held it for 77 days. Though most residents were allowed to go about their business without harm, the robots' brutal suppression of resistance caused many to flee to refugee camps outside the city (risking attack by bandits), while Seventh Wave and Coalition forces kept the robots bottled up. The Seventh Wave is suspected of ending the occupation, but the whereabouts of Paris and Sethos are as yet unknown.

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